The Hayduke Trail Reference

It’s now been over fifteen years since Mike Coronella and Joe Mitchell published the guidebook for The Hayduke Trail. Each year the route seems to become more popular and I get more and more related questions since it overlaps with many of my treks. Hence, I decided to create my own Hayduke Reference Page with details on the route along with variations, shortcuts, and worth-while diversions.

I’ll keep this page updated with posts of use to Hayduke Hikers. It’s not meant as a complete reference, but just one primarily based on my previous hikes. As always, feel free to write me for any specific information as I love chatting about this stuff! (

Happy Hayduke-ing!

Note: curious readers may read my original thoughts on the route and learn how it inspired me. Also, easily access this page via

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General Topics:

Sections 1-2: Arches NP to Big Spring Canyon TH, Canyonlands

Arches to Moab

Arches to Moab

Wide Open Country Near Lockhart Basin

Moab to Lockhart Basin

Ruslter Dryfall

Rustler Canyon to Indian Creek Exit

Indian Ridge

Above Indian Creek to Big Spring Canyon TH

Tower Arch

Airport Start and/or Tower Arch

Behind the Rocks

Behind the Rocks

Jackson's Hole

Jackson’s Hole

Over Hatch Mesa

Over Hatch Mesa

Little Spring Canyon

Little Spring Canyon Bypass


Devil’s Golf Ball

The Loop of the Colorado River

The Loop of the Colorado River


Lower Indian Creek Falls


Lower Jump and Arch


 Sections 3-4: Canyonlands to Hite to Poison Spring Canyon

*** NOTE: there are many great ways through the Needles so read my overview of the best options.

Fable Canyon Trail

Fable Valley Trail

Lower Youngs Canyon

Youngs Canyon

Lower Dark Canyon

Dark Canyon


Poison Spring Canyon

Devil's Lane

Heart of the Needles

Lower Salt Creek

Peekaboo Trail Connector

Ruin in Salt Creek

Salt Creek Canyon to Beef Basin


The Maze and Happy Canyon

Ruin Park

Bobby’s Hole and Ruin Park

Confluence Overlook

The Confluence Overlook

Joint Trail, Chesler Park, Druid Arch

Joint Trail, Chesler Park, Druid Arch


Section 5: The Henry Mountains


The Henrys

Tarantula Mesa Ascent

Tarantula Mesa

Little Egypt Torch

Little Egypt


Low-Elevation Henrys

the trickle waterfall

Under Tarantula Mesa

Below the Mushroom

The Muley Mushroom

Below the Mushroom

Mount Ellen North Summit




Section 6: Burr Trail Switchbacks to Hole-in-the-Rock Road

Deep Undercut

Lower Muley Twist to Red Slide

Moody Canyons

Moody Canyons


Coyote Gulch

Descent to Lower Muley Twist

The Post Cutoff

Above Red Slide

Above Red Slide and East Moody

Stevens Canyon

Baker Route and Stevens Canyon


Via Escalante East: Upper Muley/The Gulch

Via Escalante

Via Escalante East: Choprock/Harris

Post Cut-off

The Post Cutoff View and Arch

Hamburger Rocks

Hamburger Rocks


Brimhall Double Arch

Red Slide Hoodoos

Red Slide Hoodoos

Stevens Arch

To or Through Stevens Arch


Section 7: Fiftymile Mountain and the Kaiparowits Plateau

Fiftymile Mountain

Fiftymile Mountain

Lower Monday Canyon

Monday Canyon

Navajo Canyon Narrows

Navajo and Reese Canyons

Last Chance

Last Chance to Grosvenor Arch

Sundown on Paradise Peak

Via Escalante West: Death Ridge and HQ Valley

Original Middle Trail Shortcut

Reese Saddle Shortcut

Inside Paradise Slot

Upper Paradise Canyon and Slot

Coyote Point

Fourmile Hollow and Wahweap Canyon

Window Wind Arch

Under Grosvenor

Grosvenor Arch

Cottonwood Rd Well

Cottonwood Road Well

Section 8-9: Hackberry and Upper Paria to Bryce to AZ

Round Valley Top

Round Valley Draw/ Hackberry Canyon

Upper Paria

The Upper Paria

Willis Creek

Willis Creek Narrows

Camp just outside Bryce

To and Through Bryce

Cottonwood Road

Cottonwood Road

Howling Wolf Arch

Stone Donkey/ Hogeye Canyons

Upper Swag and Lick Wash

Bryce Bypass Options

Bull Valley Gorge

Bull Valley Gorge

Lower Nephi Wash

Grand Canyon Bypass

Yellow Rock

Yellow Rock and Cockscomb View

Donkey Slot

Stone Donkey Slot

Kitchen Canyon Falls

Kitchen Canyon Falls and Starlight Narrows

Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock and Red Slot

Asay Slot

Asay Slot


Sections 10-13: The Grand Canyon


Horseshoe Mesa


North Kaibab Trail

Deer Creek Narrows

Thunder River to Deer Creek Falls

Kanab Creek Rockfalls

Deer Creek to Hack Canyon

Kwagunt Camp

Fishtail Mesa Saddle and Jumpup Canyon

Lower Nephi Wash

Grand Canyon Bypass

Section 14: Hack Canyon to The Barracks to Zion Canyon

*** NOTE: a rockfall in Zion has impacted the Hayduke — read about options to get around this closure.

Obstacle and Bypass

The Barracks

Echo Canyon

East Rim Trail and Echo Canyon

Middle Barracks

French Canyon to The Barracks


Barracks Obstacle Bypass

The Lower Barracks

Lower Barracks and Alt Exit

Top of Separation Pass

Separation Pass and Jughandle Arch Route

Petroglyphs NE of Rock Canyon

Rock Canyon Petroglyphs

Poverty Wash Narrows

Poverty Wash Narrows

Cable Mountain View

Cable Mountain

West Rim View

Zion Traverse Extension


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  1. Jamal,
    Thanks so much for all this information! This is an awesome resource.
    Happy Trails!

  2. More brilliant additions Jamal, what a great resource! Hope you have another wonderful hike this spring.

  3. Jamal, do you have any video on the Haduke Trail??

    • Yes and No. Many of the videos for my long hikes cover sections of the Hayduke, but I don’t have a single video dedicated to the HT. I’m currently going back and adding video reference links on the various guide pages to make it easier find corresponding video.

  4. Jamal,

    I’ve been watching your videos for weeks, and I’ve been consistently entertained and blown away by how well done they are. So I decide to come to your site and you happen to have everything in extreme detail! You clearly put a lot of effort into this and I just wanted to let you know you are doing a fantastic job. Your hikes are very inspirational. Keep it up!


  5. excellent reference and the pix are right on, but now i have more alt routes to examine in 5 days

  6. This Hayduke site looks fantastic Jamal- I will keep coming back to check out new links you have added. Mouthwatering stuff thanks (and great design too)!