Hayduke: Cottonwood Road Solar Well

- part of the Hayduke Reference -

– part of the Hayduke Reference –

Good water is hard to find along many stretches of the Hayduke Trail. This is especially true crossing the Kaiparowits Plateau (Section 7). At Grosvenor Arch one will find pit toilets, but no water or trash. If there aren’t any friendly tourists willing to supply water, then this short diversion to the well along Cottonwood Road is likely in order. To make the diversion around the hill to the south and then reconnect with the Hayduke will add about a mile to one’s trek. Though one could find water just south of the trailhead for Round Valley Draw, IMHO it’s best to check this source first to increase your chances.

NOTE: a hiker reported the well was off and bone dry on 4/15/2016. 🙁 However, on 5/2/2017 it was once again full. So, it may not be 100% reliable — especially early in the spring. But… March 2021 there was water. 👍

If headed toward Round Valley Draw, when one leaves Grosvenor Arch notice the valley running south as the main road heads west toward Cottonwood Road.

view towards well

view towards well

Head down this valley along a cattle trail. Soon you will likely pick up a faint old road. The road will become more defined as you near the well.

The well itself has several tanks for holding water — including one which is fenced off from the cows. I’ve drunk straight from this tank, but to be safe it’s best to still filter first. I’ve been here several times and there’s always been water (though always in the spring.)

Good Water!

Good Water!

From the well follow the road past the corral area and to Cottonwood Road. Turn right and head back north to re-connect with the Hayduke.

NOTE: it is possible to take a cross-country short-cut to Round Valley Draw from this area. It’s slower walking, but it will save about a mile when compared to walking the road. Even if one doesn’t take the diversion to the well, it’s still possible to take this cross-country route to avoid the road which can be busy at times.


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