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JamalI am Jamal David Green and I currently live in Los Angeles, CA. I’m originally from St. Joseph, Missouri — “where the Pony Express began and Jesse James ended” as it used to say on the welcome sign. After high school I moved to LA and graduated with a degree in film from the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!)

In the past I’ve worked for Activision, Paramount Studios, and then for quite a while at 1K Studios as the Director of Interactive Features creating original content for DVD/Blu-rays such as Harry Potter, Iron Man, Pinocchio and Watchmen. Now I’m pursuing my own creative ventures — but of course I really want to direct. 🙂

I’ve been an avid hiker and fan of the American West since hiking the Grand Canyon with my parents at the age of nine. Beyond my love for hiking, I’m also a big fan of Prince, petrified wood, The Foo, games, animals, Science Fiction, adult beverages, Mexican food, photography and random CapiTaliZation. 🙂

Write to me at: Jamal@AcrossUtah.com

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  1. I’m hooked on your videos but they make me sick—because there’s so much of Utah I haven’t seen and I’m too old to see most of it.
    In many of your videos the camera “follows you” as if someone else is there (I don’t mean the selfie stick ones). How is that done?

    • Thanks! There’s so much to see in southern Utah I’m not sure any one person ever gets to see it all! (Though I’m trying hard! ) The “follow” shots in my videos are done with a 360-degree camera on a tripod. It shoots in all directions and then when I edit the video I can re-frame the footage to track me as I hike. It’s not as high quality as a normal camera, but I really like the effect. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great videos! What frame per second do you shoot in. Do you prefer 4K over 1080p? Thanks from a novice short film maker. Fellow Trojan. FIGHT ON!

    • Heya fellow Trojan! I shoot everything at 29.97 — just because some of my gear doesn’t do 24fps and I don’t want to mix. I try to shoot 4K whenever possible, though it requires editing via proxy video. Thanks for “following” along!

  3. Your videos are so well-made and informative.
    My Wife and I cannot get to most of the places you visit – due to “age”, but they are the next-best-thing to being there!
    Thank You.

  4. Total fan of the videos. I’m a recent transplant to Utah and stumbled across the Youtube channel.
    I’m planning a mini-hike with my son this spring.

  5. FYI, a web site worth knowing about.
    archesoftheescalante dot com

  6. Thanks for sharing your trip reports. I’ve heard it said that “it’s not an adventure until something goes wrong…
    While viewing your hike down Halls Creek Narrows in rain my wife chided me and said “That’s something you’d do.”
    keep up the nice work and keep sharing.

  7. Thanks so much for your videos of So. Utah and the Eastern Sierra, both of which my wife and I love and have visited many times over the past 30 years. I look forward to seeing more of your videos in the future. By the way, you captured many outstanding images during your travels. When you have a moment, take a look at my images at http://www.garcropserphotography.com. Thanks, again!

  8. Was SO nervous for you watching your last video through the Halls Creek Narrows! Glad it turned into an adventure with a happy ending! Thanks for sharing it – scary AND educational ;o)

  9. Is the road from Hwy 24 a two wheel drive road to Horseshoe Canyon? I’ve been wanting to do trail but was unsure of the road. Thanks Coco

    • Yes — most of the time at least. It’s a gravel road that’s usually in pretty good shape. After a storm though it could have some tricky spots.

    • Thanks for the info. It is nice to see the back country of Utah through your videos. Do you lead two day or long day hikes? The road to UpperMuleyTwist from Boulder looks
      Like it is definitely a four wheel drive road? Where can I rent a four wheel?

  10. Artin Arakelian

    Great video Jamal.
    Having spent most of my free time in Colorado Plateau I enjoyed watching your trek.

  11. I’m looking for a really good camera guy. I spend 1/3 of the year backpacking the rocky mountain region, (From canada down thru montana, wyoming, idaho, and utah.) I live in slc. Have backpacked almost all of glacier and yellowstone nat. parks. Go to alot of places unknow to most, including alot of offtrail. Have a team of backpackers, but really want to get some people involved that know more about film, and at the same time are into this type of adventure. Basically I want to start filming our adventures thru the high northern rockies. If you have any interetst shoot me an email. I have enjoyed watching your videos. Ive spent alot of time in southern utah. You should have shown how you crossed the colorado to get from the maze to needles. Packraft or boat? Enjoy yourself out there, its where you become alive, as you well know.

    • Heya Joseph — thanks for leaving a comment. I got across the Colorado via the jetboat which comes to pick up the floaters at Spanish Bottom. I’ve contemplated a packraft — it’s just such a burden to carry when the other option is fairly easy. I’ll drop you a line to see if I can help you out or know somebody who can.

    • Is this Joey Coconato from the “myownfrontier” channel on YouTube? You are a master of the selfie-stick! Your stuff is great and I would have told you long ago… if the comments were not disabled yet…I understand why one would do so. Jamal also has some sooper-fabulous videos and I have watched them all. I hope to see many more videos from both of you in the near future. Thanks to Jamal and thanks to Joey!

  12. Fantastic videos and journeys! We lived in Canyonlands Needles for a season where my wife was a NPS Ranger. You saw more in 2 weeks than we did in 6 months! Kudos…

  13. What an adventure for you. I have spent most all of my life living in the likes of Moab, Cedar City and Castle Dale. I have spent much time exploring and hunting the areas that you traveled. Hats off to your sense of adventure and solitude. You have seen some remarkable things that even most locals never see. PS did you see any large mule deer buck ?

  14. Hey, Loved your JMT video, can’t wait to some day get out on that trail. I was curious to know the gear that you take on your trips, and see how your kit has evolved. (and whatever camera you use the zoom is absolutly amazing) So if you have the time a gear video would be awesome. I subscribed! Happy walking.

  15. Great video of southern, UT. I love the areas so much, I bought my retirement home in Monticello, UT. Everyone in DC thinks I’m crazy, until they make their way west. By the way how did you come up with the route through the canyonlands, I’m interested in it? Best of luck in future journeys.

    • Hey Mark — thanks for writing. Not sure how, but I missed your comment last year. Feel free to write me to the above address if you are still looking for suggestions on routes through Canyonlands.