Hamburger Rocks, Capitol Reef

Hamburger Rocks is an interesting unmarked geological formation along the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park. It’s an interesting site, but probably not worth the effort as an 11-mile day-hike from the trailhead at The Post. But, if doing a longer over-night trip through Lower Muley Twist, or possibly a thru-hike such as the Hayduke Trail — then it’s definitively worth the short diversion.

The Hamburger Rocks site is comprised of an eroded red layer of sandstone sitting atop a white layer all tilted by the upheaval of the fold. The erosion has left many rounded boulders sitting on tiny pedestals and with a little imagination one might think of hamburgers.


The Hamburger Rocks are located just south of The Muley Tanks. In fact, a keen eye can spot the formation from the sign which points to the reliable water source.


Note: camping in the immediate vicinity of the Muley Tanks is good, but also quite popular.

It’s possible to access the Hamburger Rocks from the Muley Tanks area, but if not stopping at the tanks (or hiking north) the easier way would be to leave the main trail just south of the tanks and make one’s way up the red/white-streaked gully. Within 5 minutes of leaving the valley floor one will be in the middle of hamburgers!


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  1. Great photo essay and report Jammer. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the post. Never occurred to me to make requests, but anything you’ve got on southern Capitol Reef, lower Muley Twist, Choprock Canyon, you get the idea…bring it on!