Upper and Lower Black Box Canyons

Time for another Flashback Report. This time we’re going waaaaaay back to 2004 and a trip to the Black Box Canyons. It was back in an era when I was working way too much and thus tried to pack as much fun as possible into short trips. It was also when… Continue reading

Hayduke Reference Update 2021

Once again I’ve dedicated some time over the winter to update and add content to my Hayduke Reference in hopes of assisting “Haydukers” looking to hike that long-distance route. Most of this work happens “behind the scenes” without getting published as official blog posts, thus I thought I’d make this post to… Continue reading

Hayduke: Through the Needles

  For thru-hikers traveling through the southern portion of Canyonlands there are many options for traversing the Needles District. I get a few emails every year from those doing the Hayduke Trail asking which is the BEST route. IMHO there really is not a “bad” way through the Needles, but it’s hard… Continue reading