Zion to Arches Hike Complete!

I’m happy to announce that last Thursday I wrapped up my Zion to Arches Hike. 🙂 As usual, not everything went exactly according to plan, but…  after last year’s abbreviated hike I’m elated (and relieved) that I was able to go the distance. It took a bit longer and more walking than I expected, but it was a great trip and well worth it. I walked through all five of Utah’s National Parks over the course of 44 days and 726.5 miles. The final tally shocked me as it narrowly beat my Nevada to Colorado Hike by 1.5 miles!

The full report will be coming soon along with a bunch of photos, VR media, and eventually the trip video. Until then, here’s a recap gallery of the photos I posted to Instagram and Facebook along the way and a copy of the final track:

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  1. Congratulations! So glad you got to fulfill your goal this year! I can hardly wait to see the whole Trip Report.

  2. 726.5 miles! Congratulations, and thank you as always for sharing

  3. Wow….good to hear…what a hike …know your heart is huge…ever ever on Jamal…can’t wait to see your posts….best Allen Bealle

  4. Congratulations, Jamal! Another epic outdoor adventure successfully completed. Will look forward to the detailed TR and video. Enjoy a beer, burger and shower!