2018 Hike: Zion to Arches

I’m excited to start another big hike this week! 🙂 After spending some time prepping in a snowy SLC, I’m now headed south to begin the trek. The agenda this time is to hike from Zion to Arches over the course of about 5 weeks. If all goes to plan, I will walk nearly 600 miles connecting all five of Utah’s National Parks and several new spots that I’ve never visited. But… things seldom go exactly how I draw them up, so stay tuned to see where/how I end up!

But seriously, I’m ready to get out on the trail and challenge myself to hopefully atone for my abbreviated 2017 trek. I have several great segments planned and, as always, I’ll be taking lots of pics and video as I go. Seriously… my electronics kit is heavier than most ultralight hikers’ base weight — so I had better justify it!

If you would like to “follow along”, I will have a tracking device again. So… once I begin later this week check this link daily for progress:


Also, when possible I hope to post to the Across Utah Facebook Page and associated Instagram Account:



Full report when I return… in June! 🙂

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  1. Mike Gilchrist

    I’m curious to see where you will descend the 50 mile mountain.

  2. It’s SO cool to see you heading “out there” again! Looking forward to the updates along the way! Will you also be posting on Backcountry Post? Good luck, and be safe!

  3. Cool Jamal. Looking forward to seeing what adventurous route you have chosen for this year and enjoy!

  4. So glad you’re back at it! Have a blast out there!

  5. Really excited for you and think you’re going to nail this one. I’m looking forward to the updates.

  6. You GO boy! Luck!

  7. How exciting, Jamal! I hope this years’ trip goes smoothly and without injury (and too much bad weather). I’m glad you have an Instagram account since I deleted my FB account a few weeks ago, so I’ll find and follow you there instead.

    Happy hiking, and will look forward to the video(s) and trip reports upon your return :)!