G.E.L. Episodic Videos and The Eclipse

Wanted to update everyone that I’m still working on the more-detailed episodic videos for my Grand Escalante Loop Hike. They should begin rolling out later this month in early 2024.

The delay is for a good reason though as I got distracted by ANOTHER trip to Utah! Last month I returned to the Escalante region once again to do a short backpacking trip with friends. The primary reason for the trip was to see the “Ring of Fire” Annular Eclipse, but we also enjoyed a fun trip through Death Hollow and loved seeing the vivid colors of autumn.

It was a great experience all around and I might actually put together a short video for that trip as well, but until then here are some photos below. Otherwise look for the other videos and site updates coming soon. ✌




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  1. Great pics..looking forward to those new vids.. subscribed as a YT channel member. Yay!

  2. Great Photos Jamal!
    I was stuck in LA, but got some photos too.

  3. Awesome! I was in New Mexico for the eclipse. (I chose the SE Corner marker of the state for my viewing location).