VIDEO: Death Hollow Eclipse

A belated… New Video Alert!  Things have been somewhat chaotic for me lately (follow-up post on that soon), but I wanted to make an official post about the video I created for my trip from last fall. This was when I went back to Death Hollow with friends to witness the annular eclipse. My original post about the trip only included photos and I was unsure then if I’d create a video, but I did eventually and all-in-all I’m fairly happy with how it came out. Check it out if you haven’t already:


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  1. Frederick Sramek

    BTW: What is that beautiful guitar music you dub onto your videos? I love it!

  2. Frederick Sramek

    Loved this video! (I saw the annular eclipse from the comfort of my backyard in Santa Fe, but your friends and you were in a much-spectacular area to see it.) I’d love to hike down into Death Hollow from the BMT someday; that descent looked like fun! But I do have to be a bit more careful due to my age (72); but I still remember a saying you posted some years ago: “People don’t stop hiking because they get old; they get old because they stop hiking.” Looking forward to more videos!

    • I hiked down it at age 75. Just take one step at a time and you will get there.

      • Yep — it’s a great place and definitely one step at a time, slow and sure, will get the job done! Thanks for watching.

    • Heya Frederick — sorry, missed this comment earlier (notifications are not working for me.) Glad you enjoyed the video and it really is a great area. I’m sure Santa Fe was nice for the eclipse as well. Yeah, I didn’t coin that phrase, but I definitely think it’s true! BTW — I believe the guitar artist here is Jamie Rutherford. I found him via a music licensing group called Artlist. Thanks for watching!

  3. Sure is nice to see the old friends from the neighborhood, the original Golden Eagles.
    Corey and Tony, congratulations, you are bona fide hikers!

  4. …their guide knew the ropes.

    Yes he did. I can tell you enjoyed yourself Jamal, but I also know the decision to take others is…a bit tough. I’ve done it too, and very glad I did, but solo hiking is the best!

  5. Nice work Corey, Tony and Jamal! Mildly risky taking greenhorns into Death hollow for their first ever hiking experience! I’m glad it went smoothly!
    Still, their guide knew the ropes…