Zion to Green River Hike Complete!

My Zion to Green River Hike is complete! Last week I finished trekking 613 miles over 37 days winding my way across southern Utah. It took a bit longer than expected, but it was an amazing time with numerous new-to-me remote locations and unique experiences. I’m just beginning to sort through nearly one terabyte of media from the trip, but I’m hoping it will make for a great video (or a series.) Look for that and more content coming later this summer, but for now here are some initial low-rez frame grabs. 😀✌️


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  1. Thanks Everyone! Missed these comments earlier, but now that the Paria Loop Hike series is finished, I’m plugging away on this video series. Still debating on how I want to divide it up as there is a LOT of content. More coming soon!

  2. I am excited to see another set of amazing “series” videos of another great hike!

  3. Hi Jamal good to hear from you,and I’m glad you are back.
    613 miles, are you kidding…. I did a 600 mile drive to Yosemite and back over the weekend and even that was tiring. I really appreciate all the content you are posting and looking forward for the new video. Stay healthy, stay fit.

  4. Great to here you are back out! Looking forward to kicking back and watching the adventure

  5. So many thanks for sharing these travels. We have aged out of the epic trips, so we are particularly grateful for the vicarious experience.

  6. Looking forward to my ‘virtual hike’ from Zion to Green River 😉

  7. Holy hell Jamal.

    “I finished trekking 613 miles…it took a bit longer than expected”? What are one’s “expectations” for such a thing. You’re the only one I know who’d even know!

    My vote is for a series by the way – more content.

    Congrats! And can’t wait for the series. Thanks again for all you do!

  8. Nice going!

  9. Wow! Congratulations on such an epic trip, Jamal ! I’ll look forward to seeing whatever you post on YouTube (and on IG, when I occasion to go there). Glad your trip was safe and you had no injuries or other catastrophes. I ended up not going on my usual spring Utah canyon backpacking trip this year due to schedule and weather issues, so I’ll live vicariously through yours .

  10. dan.charo@hotmail.com

    I look forward to your videos and trip reports. I hiked southern Utah for many years, but severe back and leg problems prevent me from visiting these areas except through videos like yours.