VIDEO: Buckskin Gulch | Paria Plateau Loop Part 1

Here’s the initial video from my Paria Plateau Loop Hike. It features hiking through the entire Buckskin Gulch aka “the longest slot canyon in the world!” It’s the third time I’ve hiked the full Buckskin, but the first time actually making a video about my hike. It was an exceptionally dry year making it a bit easier than my previous treks, but it’s still a looong canyon!

More videos coming soon. The Paria Plateau series will be split up into four parts and each possibly a bit longer time-per-day than in my previous videos just because there’s so much I wanted to share and document. 👍

NOTE:  all of my content for this hike is now available, so also see:
— Part 2: Paria Canyon
— Part 3: White Pocket
— Part 4: Coyote Buttes
— Written Report, Galleries, and Map

Thanks! Enjoy:


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  1. I really enjoyed when you showed the instagram shot vs reality. It was good to see how many people were in a spot. I always wonder how crowded the places you hike are. I still love you slow regular shots where it is just you waking by your camera or you walking with the camera. It is peaceful to watch.

    • Thanks! I do occasionally go through places that are busy, but I usually don’t linger too long. I think it’s good to show how busy some places can be just to give context and contrast the other spots where I don’t see ANYBODY for days! Thanks for watching.

  2. I’m curious as to what you are filming with?

    • The wide shots are from a 360-degree camera on a LONG selfie stick. While editing the video it’s possible to make the stick “invisible” and customize the point of view. It’s not as high quality as a traditional camera, but I love the affect and flexibility. Cheers!

  3. Jamal, I love your videos as well as the Paria! I’ve been through there several times. In 1998, we went from Wire pass to White House with big packs. The cesspool was neck deep which was a bit scary, but we didn’t see another soul for four days! Keep ‘em coming man, thanks!

    • Thanks! I’ve been lucky with the Buckskin and have never encountered anything over thigh-deep water. This time was easily the most dry I’ve ever seen it.

  4. Love your videos! We did a marathon YouTube run last winter and saw them all. Great work!