Spring 2022

Hello Again — remember me?

I’ve been a bit quiet this “off season”, but I have been doing some stuff behind the scenes and even managed to squeeze in an early season hike. In early April I did a 9-day, 120-ish mile hike down Buckskin Gulch and the Lower Paria and then back across the Paria Plateau. I was fortunate to grab a canceled permit for this area and thus jumped at the opportunity. I have a bunch of content from this hike and plan to make a video (or two), BUT… that’ll have to wait for a while! There’s a gallery of somewhat low-res video frame grabs below as a preview though.

The reason the Paria video/content will have to wait is… I’m getting ready to set out on an even bigger hike! On May 1st I’ll begin another point-to-point hike trekking about 500 miles from Zion to Green River over the course of about 30 days. Like usual my  route will include a lot of new-to-me segments as well as some old favorites. I plan to use my inReach sparingly on this trip, but you might see occasional check-ins via:


(you may need to set date/time to ALL in order to see new content)

Otherwise I also might post small updates as I go via my Instagram account when I have a connection — so make sure to follow along there if you like. Otherwise look for a bunch of new content here later this summer!

For those wondering, YES I do also still plan on answering all those post-hike questions submitted after my Bryce to Bears Ears Hike. I actually hope to record some of those answers along the way while out on this new journey and then possibly make a separate video just for that. But… we will see how things go. Seldom does everything go like I plan it out and the last few years have included many curveballs, so… we will just have to wait and see where I end up and how/what I actually do re: content.

Until then… Cheers! 🌞🍻

Paria Loop Preview Pics:

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  1. Roman Barczynski

    Hey Jamal,
    We (wife and I) watch your videos and have hiked Utah a lot. Did Salt Creek in early May for 4 nites with our Bro-in-law. Have you checked out the Big ruins in West side basin between metate/potsherd ruins and Fence area above Kirk Cabin? Amazing? its an entire village! We followed Bear tracks in the sand from the park boundary to camps 1 and 2. A little unexpected but cool nonetheless. Also two other arches that we day hiked to near camp 3. Have you been to the Maze?

    • Thanks, Roman. Yes, I’ve done a few trips through The Maze and Salt Creek as well — it is a great area. Evidently bears are becoming more and more common in Salt Creek and even into some of the other adjacent canyons. Cheers!

  2. Robert Weinick

    I sent you an email. Let’s see if it goes into your comments. I don’t see the purpose of this site or any other site like it except for money or self gratification. What are you doing to protect this place?

    • Robert Weinick

      Show me one thing on this site about protecting Southern Utah?

    • Now that I’ve finished my hike and I’m back online I’ve responded to your email and will respond here as well. I appreciate all you’ve done in the past re: conservation, but it seems you’re losing focus on the big picture issues and feel entitled to keep southern Utah to yourself. Throughout this site and my videos (all not-for-profit btw!) you will see examples of best practices and emphatic pleas for using LNT principles as well as condemnation of cattle leases, illegal ATV use, and more. There are no “secrets” anymore in this online age, and hoping to keep people away from this area while you and other “early birds” continue to enjoy it is the wrong approach IMHO. I will continue to hope to educate and inspire others to strive for conservation. Thanks.

  3. Wow, those pictures are incredible!

  4. Great news!!! I will follow you along the way with your InReach. Thanks and have fun. Stay safe out there.

  5. Moving! You have a great eye. Thanks more than you can know. I sold Ozark Wilds, so should have time to get out there and elsewhere. Look forward to more of your creations of creation. Send where I can send a check. I wish you the best nature has to offer.

    • Thanks John and congrats on your big changes. Hope to possibly cross paths with your out there someday. BTW — I removed your address info, but kept it in my file. Maybe we can touch base when I’m back online after this next big hike. Cheers!

  6. Exciting news!

  7. Excellent news!

  8. Great to see you back at it….a big WOW …those photos are incredible ….wishing you much luck and thank you.

  9. Thank you for the inspiration