VIDEO: Paria Canyon | Paria Plateau Loop Part 2

Here’s the second video from my Paria Plateau Loop Hike. It features hiking down the narrows of Paria Canyon and visiting a few diversions along the way. It’s the second time I’ve hiked this section and I enjoyed it as much as the first. This time I didn’t continue to Lee’s Ferry, but instead climbed up the exciting Bush Head “Escape Route” to get on top of the Plateau.

More videos coming soon. 👍

Thanks! Enjoy:


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  1. Frederick A Sramek

    Loving these videos! Wow, that climb up the Bush Head “Escape Route” looked really gnarly at that lower cliff band! So, regarding the cute pooch you ran into: Do you suppose he/she belonged to someone nearby? I hope he/she wasn’t lost in the wilderness! Looking forward to watching Parts 3 and 4!

    • Thanks! That exit route should definitely be taken carefully, but… it’s really not as bad as it looks on video. The Paria Puppy was with its owners (you can see their feet slightly in the video.) Dogs are allowed in the canyon, but they must be listed on the permit and owners must carry out the waste.

  2. Terrific video!! I watched it with my morning coffee and I totally felt like I did a hike….good food for my brain the rest of the day!! Thanks

  3. Always ready to see where you take us on another adventure!!
    Thank you for taking us along.