Zion to Green River Hike VLOG

After a long delay… I’m finally ready to begin sharing my video content from my big hike this past spring — Zion to Green River. In doing so I’m going to try something a bit different and release one video per day of hiking — ie a series more similar to a VLOG. Some days will be short, some will be long — but each will definitely be unique and hopefully fun to watch. This all might be too much (for you and/or for me!), but I wanted to do it as an experiment to capture a more-complete version of my hike via shorter (albeit more) videos. All the videos will be a part of a playlist to make it easy to skip to the days that interest you the most, or follow along daily, or just binge it all at the end!

Hope you enjoy — and cheers! 🌞✌

2023 Update: the All-in-one Condensed Video is now available too on YouTube!

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One Comment

  1. Hey Jamal, I just recently got back from solo paddling the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande (Big Bend NP) and discovered your latest video series. I very much appreciate your taking all the time and effort to do the more in-depth daily videos of your epic Zion to Green River hike. The Canaan Mountain scenes brought back some great memories for me, as did the Paria scenes in the Paria Canyon/Plateau series. Your videography is off the charts fantastic! I love watching these intensely, not only because they remind me of all my Colorado Plateau adventures over the last 36 years, but because of the great colorful photography and videography in them. You make the absolute most of your 360 camera and capture the canyon country landscape extremely well. I’ve been lurking on your site since the days of Curb Pavement and I thought that it’s high time that I make a comment. I’ll be tuning in every day on YouTube!!!