Zion 360-degree Photos

Blog_CoverI took a short trip to Zion last week to experiment with a new camera that captures the surroundings in 360-degrees. The weather didn’t fully cooperate, but I still managed to day-hike The Narrows and capture a few other cool sights.

(BTW: a 360-degree video is also available. )

Click and drag within the photo to explore each location (smartphone users can enjoy “auto pan”!) I recommend clicking the “expand” icon in the bottom-right of each image for a cool full-screen/immersive experience. The files are large, so please be patient on slower connections. Enjoy.

The Zion “Bonsai”

Above Keyhole Slot Canyon

Bridge View of The Watchman

Since these images are quite large I will split them up into a few sets.

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  1. Very very cool. I’m sitting at a bar. I pull up the first photo and assumed I’d just rotate it with my finger. I realized all I had to do was move the phone to pan. Next thing I know I’m spinning on the bar stool laughing at how cool it is. I wound up drawing a small crowd. Everybody loved it! Amazing how well it does without distorting the image!