VIDEO: Grand Escalante Loop

New Video Alert!  I changed my mind re: how I wanted to present the content from my big hike earlier this year and finally decided to lead with the “Overview” video. I will follow that up with the more in-depth episodic/vlog content later this fall. I’m pretty happy with how this first video came out as it highlights many of the best moments from my 33-day hike. BUT… it was another great hike with a lot of variety, so for those who love the minutiae and want to see more of the canyons and hear my extended stories on gear, navigation, and day-to-day life on the trail — that will be coming! Think of this first installment as the “more walking, less talking” preview. 😉

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  2. How many miles did this end up being?

    • My tracker ran out of power so I don’t know for sure, but I’m estimating it to be 440 miles (all walking including diversions, around camp, etc.) This was well below my normal daily average due to several slow/partial days. ✌

  3. Me, too! Watched all of your hikes over the last months and I’m really hooked now and always look forward to new videos. Have been to Utah only one time and it was the best 3 weeks vacation ever. We could only do dayhikes because you can’t plan longer hikes when starting from Germany. Keep on hiking and thanks for your great pictures.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this for months! Thanks Jamal.