Something Old and Something New

Back in June I completed my latest big hike: 33 days of wandering through water-filled canyons, sandy plateaus, and snow-patched mountains around Escalante. I explored many new-to-me routes and revisited some old favorites. Some of it was amazing; some of it was miserable — that’s just the way it goes I guess!

All-in-all it was another great trek across, er, rather AROUND Utah! I’m still working on the videos for this trek, but they should begin rolling out later this month or early September. In the meantime here’s a sneak peek in photos:

First-Look Gallery:

In addition to the new video series I will also be posting several new “Hayduke Alternates” and additional reference material to my site based on this hike. Look for that in the coming months as well.

BUT… before I get too focused on all the NEW content, I wanted to make good on last year’s promise to publish a “Highlights” video for my Zion to Green River Hike. It features many of the best moments from the VLOG series condensed down into one stand-alone video. This might be like a “clip show” or “re-run” for many of you, but hopefully it’s still enjoyable to watch. For those who didn’t watch the daily series with all the minutiae — I think this version serves as a great overview of the hike. AND… for those that find this version STILL too long — I created a 90-second Reel on Instagram/Facebook so check that out. I might start doing more of these, though I really do hate short-form vertical video so maybe not!

Anyway…. below is the “new” video from my OLD hike now available on YouTube.

Cheers! 🌞✌

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  1. Hi Jamal, Instagram/Facebook: I’m not a social media fan/user, not interested to know what others have for breakfast or what their dinner looks like, and vertical videos of landscapes, the landscapes you film, is a real no-no.
    Landscapes should be watched on wide-screens,not even on horizontal-held smartphones !
    I do however like/love your videos, have watched many and can’t wait to be back in Utah again in April ‘24 (your videos keep inspiring me and my wife to visit some of ‘your’ places), after (hopefully) watching the total eclipse.
    Greetings from Austria, Europe

    • I definitely feel the same way about short-form vertical video — Kids these days! Glad you enjoy my stuff and thanks for watching. ✌

  2. I always enjoy seeing your videos and pictures in ANY format. Nice presentations.

  3. Hey, nice to hear from you Jamal, hope everything is going well for you.

  4. That’s funny Jamal as I just rewatched all the vlog posts of the Zion to Green river hike today! I truly look forward to the E2E video(s)!! Cheers, Michael

    • Oh no — sorry about that Michael! The VLOG is better in many ways, but… hoping the new version will satisfy those wanting a quicker overview. Thanks for watching!