MAP: Grand Escalante Loop Hike

I added the track of my Grand Escalante Loop Hike to my Master Map when I posted the Overview Video, but now I’ve also made the full interactive/detailed map available. Click the following image/link to launch the map in a new window. As usual most tracks and waypoints are clickable for pop-up info/photos. 👍






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  1. Thank you Jamal as always for putting this together. I appreciate the map – from moody up to the cliff point mesa is the area I was interested in (always hard to tell if its possible on google maps, as you know!)

    Ive been a long time follower since 2020, did your ‘Burr trail loop’ in 2021 and have been going back to the Escalante every year after that. Going to do the Escalante overland route this year!

  2. Just watched your hike last night Jamal, and really dug it! Saw several spots you’ve been to before but always fresh to see and being in May that flower explosion must have been incredible being there! Keep em coming man?

    • Love the map and all the pics/points of interest, Jamal – thanks for posting it!

      I just got back from my Escalante car camping trip, and day hiked to a couple of the places on your map: Death Hollow from the top TH – so amazing; I need to do that as a backpack trip for sure. Also revisited Phipps via the Spencer Flats route. Also hiked down into lower Muley Twist and did a painting there – that was fun.

      Your map has given me some ideas for a future backpacking trip in the area, nothing as ambitious as yours, but maybe over into the Moody/purple cliff area, and Choprock, as a short loop or out and back. Thanks again for all the time you put into making these top-notch videos of your trips!

    • Thanks to you both! It’s a great area and even though I’ve criss-crossed it a few times now — I never get tired of it. ✌