VIDEO: Coyote Buttes South | Paria Plateau Loop Part 4

And now for the final episode in my Paria Plateau Loop Hike series. This installment features a continuation of my trek across the sandy plateau from White Pocket to more crazy and scenic sandstone formations at Coyote Buttes South and others parts of Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Highlights include desolate plateau hiking, Coyote Buttes, The Teepees, and some nonchalant desert bighorns as well as some bonus footage of nearby rock art and Chinle/Bentonite mudhills.

There’s also a preview of my upcoming Zion to Green River Hike series at the end of the video. 👍

Thanks for following along!

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  1. Hi Jamal, my husband and I love your videos and really appreciate all the work you do putting your hikes together.

    My husband and I have been to White Pocket and won a permit for the Wave in 2022. We’d like to hike this area in 2023.

    Is any of the hiking in this video within permitted areas?

    Thank you!

    • Awesome — good to hear that you love the videos. This video covers Coyote Buttes South which does require a permit (but it’s much easier to get compared to the Wave). Later parts of the video covers the North and South Teepees which does not require a permit. It’s possible to skirt the north boundary and get into Wire Pass area from the Teepees (or vice versa as a day hike.)

  2. Frederick A Sramek

    Thank you again for sharing the beautiful, fantastic landscapes in your video! As with Installment 3, I streamed it on my high-def wide-screen TV, and boy do the colors pop on it! Looking forward to watching your “Big Hike 2022” later! (As an aside, I hiked to Buckskin Gulch in Autumn 2018. I entered via Wire Pass. I ran into the ubiquitous mud pools in that direction. I went maybe 3 miles, then backtracked to Wire Pass. I decided to hike upstream from there, and there were no pools at all to hike through in that direction!)

    • Yes, that short stretch up from Wire Pass is a good section of canyon and not that many people go that way. Thanks again for watching.

  3. Thanks Jamal. Any chance your GPS track end-up on your map?

    • Heya Jean — yes, look for a written summary and map coming in the next few weeks (along with updated Hayduke Reference material). The track will likely be posted on my Master Map first — so keep an eye out for that.

  4. Great escape!! I so miss the solitude and beauty of hiking alone in the desert .
    Thank you……

    • Thanks for watching, Don! I didn’t mention it, but I only saw two other solo hikers in all of Coyote Buttes South. This is likely because I didn’t get to the more popular section (Cottonwood Cove) until late in the day — but it was nice!