VIDEO: White Pocket | Paria Plateau Loop Part 3

And now for Part 3 of my Paria Plateau Loop Hike. It features trekking across the sandy plateau and seeing some interesting geology and other sites along the way such as Button Pocket, Middle and Lower Reservoirs, The Cowboy Hat, Hole in the Rock, Pottery Butte, and more. The highlight was definitely my first visit to White Pocket and I was fortunate to spend the night and get some quality time there (including some alone time!)

More videos coming soon. 👍

Thanks! Enjoy:

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  1. Frederick A Sramek

    I watched this installment by streaming it to our big-screen TV (I had watched the first two on my computer). Wow, what beautiful, vibrant color and texture in White Pocket! You must have some really good camera equipment to get high-def like that! I was sorry to hear of your dad’s passing as you related it in the earlier part of the video (when looking at the old truck at one of the old dwellings).

    • Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed the video. I don’t have the best equipment, but it’s decent and lightweight and I do master everything in 4K hoping to make it as good as possible for a big screen (that’s how I like to watch YouTube myself.)

  2. We love all your breathtaking videos and the explanations of the formations with their names. Your videos are very interesting, educational and scary at times. Thanks for pointing out different things of interest, even the cattle trails and cattle drinking pockets. It was nice seeing the pottery fragments too and beautiful sunsets. Amazing videos! Thank you and safe hiking!

  3. I love your videos! It’s the next best thing to being there!!! The Paria plateau looks beautiful, but sand walking is brutal! Still, I could almost feel the “pillowed” sandstone as you traversed it. I was pleased to see that you noticed the cattle trail in White pocket! I saw it immediately, but it took me all day to figure out what it was! Did you see the pictographs?

    • Thanks, Michael! Yes… so. much. sand. I did NOT see the petroglyphs unfortunately. I looked but couldn’t find the ones west of Pottery Butte and then ran out of time to visit the ones closer to White Pocket. Next time!