Video: Buckskin Gulch and the Lower Paria

The second in my series of “shorter” hikes from Spring 2019. Here’s the video trip report for my 4-day trip down the Lower Paria with a side excursion up the Buckskin Gulch:

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  1. What shoes did you use and how did the water affect them ?

    • For hikes frequently in/out of water like this I normally just wear my boots but with neoprene socks. On this trip though I just wore regular socks and it was OK (but that can lead to blisters for longer trips.) Wetting/drying like this is pretty hard on boots though. But, I’m pretty hard on boots in general and thus need to replace them about every year.

  2. Great video!! I have hiked the Lower Paria Canyon twice, once from White House, as you did and once from Wire Pass through Buckskin Gulch. Comparing with all the hikes and backpacks all over the world that I’ve done in the last 30 years, I can only say: This canyon hike is absolutely world class. There is nothing better!

  3. Loved the video; I made the hike from White House to Wrather canyon a number of times. Age and a bad back will probably prevent me from going again so I get to enjoy these places second hand now.