Across Utah 2009

At the end of April 2009 I set out on my most ambitious long-distance hike to date: a 725-mile, 49-day journey across the entire state of Utah. It was the culmination of many months of planning after many, many years of shorter treks in the state. At that time I had a satellite phone and was able to “blog” while on the trail. I’ve since moved sites, but what follows is the original account from 2009 :

*note: there’s also a Video Report for this hike

Nevada to Colorado:


Part 1 — Western Utah

Part 2 — Zion Country

Part 3 — The Paria

Part 4 — Kaiparowits and Escalante

Part 5 — Burr Trail to The Henrys

Part 6 — Into Canyonlands

Part 7 — Indian Creek to Kane Springs Canyon

Part 8 — The La Sals


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  1. HI Jamal im in Mrs.Green class and she told us all about your hike and what you do. I hope you countinue hiking and just remember to be careful!
    Sincerly: Lesieli havili

  2. I think it is really interesting what you are doing and I wish you luck on your hike from Bryce to Moab!
    From, Parker H.