Video: Grand Canyon Fishtail Mesa

HD footage from my 9-day, 89-mile hike through the backcountry of the Grand Canyon. Part 1 includes Hack Canyon, Kanab Canyon, Jumpup Canyon, Fishtail Mesa Saddle, Thunder River and more. Part 2 includes Surprise Valley, Deer Creek, Colorado River, Kanab Canyon and more.

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  1. Can’t watch Pt I at Grand Canyon Fishtail Mesa. This message pops up: “This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

    I can’t watch it here on the AcrossUtah site either; what gives? Anyway to work around it?

    • Yeah — sorry, that’s a new development. Many of my earlier videos had copyrighted music which at that time was no big deal – any ad revenue (pennies) went to the music label. However, things changed later and some videos got blocked in various regions depending on the song and its license.

      At some point I will go back and re-export these videos again w/o the music, but… I want to finish my new videos before I do this so it might be a while.

      • Jamal,
        I have three people to thank for opening my eyes for further travel plans since I cut the cord and stream to my TV / YouTube, for opening my eyes towards the beauty of what lies west of the Grand Junction and Mexican Hat. Those three are FreewayJim, American Roads and you.

        While the first two are driving, you walked the ground. The first video I watched of yours was the two part piece of driving from Green River and hiking from the north into Canyonlands, down to the southern part. As I am retired Army and up in the years, it was interesting not only to see the beauty of all the areas you hiked thru. My Army background for the most part, involved hiking from A to B and then more areas. I mentally try to put myself in your place in some of the locations and think to myself that while it looks interesting, it is not for me anymore due to age and some inner health issues but it is fun to see what others experience.

        I do have plans to try to leave the East Coast again this fall (had to cancel last years attempt for several reasons) and perhaps that was for the best because it was in Oct/Nov that I found your videos and placed those areas to drive to and see the vast wealth of the country that I have not seen before. I am going to shoot for the furthest, the Virgin River Gorge and then turn around to hit Zion, the North Rim, Page AZ / Alstrom Point and many other sites along Utah Rt’s 89 and 12, due largely in part, to you.

        I am looking at doing a 3 week trip and if I can pull this off, there are things to do and see. If you have anything of value to stop and take a look at, please let me know. As I continue to see more things in the YT videos, my list grows but I would appreciate any tucked away areas to see.

        So in the end, I want to say thank you for posting your videos which allowed me to seek out the hidden treasures the west has to offer!

        (One last thing. When I tried to open the Map portion for this trip of yours, there was a note that it is not possible at the moment as the person with the software is upgrading the software or changing it all together, if I remember correctly. Do you have a time when that will be up again?)