Gallery: Zion to Green River

The collection of photos from my Zion to Green River Hike. I had so many photos that I wanted to share/archive, I decided to split them up into the sections of the hike. Click on any title or photo below to see the gallery for that section. Most are w/o captions, so feel free to drop me a msg if you are curious about he details for any of the pics. ✌

Part 1:

Mount Canaan and The Barracks

Part 2:

Along the White Cliffs

Part 3:

The Upper Paria and The Kaiparowits

Part 4:

Escalante to The Burr Trail

Part 5A:

Capitol Reef: Upper Muley Twist through Pleasant Creek

Part 5B:

Capitol Reef: “Beehive Traverse” to Lower Cathedral Valley

Part 6:

Mussentuchit Desert and The Muddy Creek

Part 7:

Winding Up and Through The San Rafael Reef

Part 8:

October Bonus Loop


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