Video: The Burr Trail Loop Hike

The video of my 9-day, 153-mile loop hike around the Burr Trail in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park. The windy/cold May 2016 trek through the land of slot canyons and wide-open vistas features Big Horn Canyon, Zebra Slot, Harris Wash, Choprock Canyon, Lower Muley Twist, Upper Muley Twist, Long Canyon, The Gulch, Boulder Creek and finally Phipps Canyon to close the loop.

see the Full Report for more detail including maps and photo gallery.

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  1. Amazing hike and video. Although I live far away (Norway), I’ve been in the region several times and am constantly looking for new places to visit. I was especially inspired by the video of Choprock Canyon. I read somewhere that it was very technical and required some gear and experience. However, you didn’t seem to carry any ropes or special equipment in your video. Is there an easy entrance to the best part of Choprock Canyon, or did you just leave out the hard stuff in the video?

    • Hello Jan from Norway! No technical stuff for me on this hike. Choprock has a South Fork which is a great technical route for advanced canyoneers. I walked up the very bottom part of this starting at 8:55 in the video. The rest of the canyon (Main Fork) is non-technical. So, from the Escalante one can walk all the way up and out the top to connect with the Moody Road. See the Route Map on the trip report for more detail. Thanks for the comment.

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  3. What a great hike!! I always love to read your newest report and whatch the video. This spring you passed our tent at the mouth of Poison Ivy Fork of Choprock Canyon on day 4. What a pity that I missed you!
    All the best and good luck!

    • Heya Peter! Would have been cool to meet you out there. I had a good chat with your friend. Evidently we missed each other other while I did the side-hike into the South Fork. Cheers!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your video! Loved the arches and slot canyons. Wildlife was great especially the Eagle. Colorful flowers of yellow and purple. Glad to see that you had a warm meal and get new poles and keep on hiking!

  5. Craig Westendorf

    CRAIG and SUE

    So glad we found your new video. Your gentle style reminds us of so many great times we have had in the Escalante. Don’t stop! Live long and prosper.

  6. Wow! I’m so glad I checked in to your site this evening! What an adventure you had! I’ve been to some of the areas in your hike: Big Horn Canyon, Phipps Arch, upper Harris Wash. Your advice at the end is prescient: “You don’t stop hiking because you get old, you get old because you stop hiking.” I’m planning to get back to Utah in early October to hike. Loved this video; great work and presentation! Looking forward to more adventures through which I can vicariously experience the beautiful red-rock country of Utah, until I get back there in person!

  7. Very, very nice Jammer! I enjoy your style and the Grand Tour was most excellent.