Video: Boulder to Moab

Here is the video summary of my 18-day hike from Boulder to Moab. The full written trip report with photos and maps is also available for those who desire more detail.

BTW — if you don’t have time to watch the full-length video, there’s also the short “remix” video on YouTube.

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  1. Jamal, my wife and I lead day hikes areond St George. We just watched you traverse the wasteland, loving every minute of it! Makes my 10 day trips in the Sierras seem pretty tame. And I want to thank you for teaching Meredith that our little day hikes are not really that extreme. 🙂

    • Heya John (and Meredith)! Thanks for watching and writing. I know that that terrain you guys hike around St. George and it’s pretty tough stuff! I really hope to sync up with you guys someday for one of the Meetups. I’m headed that way this weekend, but can’t join in unfortunately. Hopefully some other time soon.

  2. Jamal, Great video….thanks for a trip through splendid country….am old and knees prevent me from going but its cool I have had my day and am really enjoying your days….take another trip soon…best Allen Bealle

  3. love this area, really enjoyed the video, looking forward to reading your written report

  4. You are hilarious to watch. You make difficult trips seem like a breeze. Wow! What nice scenery you catch in your lens.

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Love the video.