Boulder to Moab Hike

I’m headed to southern Utah for another big hike! Tomorrow I will set out on an 18-day trek from Boulder Mountain to Moab. It’s more or less the continuation of my Bryce to Moab hike from 2012 that I had to bail on due to injury. If this one goes as planned it should register about 300 miles (a few side hikes along the way) and see me in Moab on 5/19. You can follow my progress via my SAT Tracker Map. Full report coming upon my return.

** I made it! Video available now, full report with pictures coming by 6/7.

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  1. Jamal,
    Great to hear!
    We’ve finished our Utah tour today.
    Have fun and no injuries on your trek to Moab! 🙂

    Greetings from Frankfurt!

  2. Hey Jamal … I somehow stumbled back onto your website, and checked out the “News”, and wow, you are out hiking again, and from the latest posit report, it looks like you are about to cross over the Dirty Devil into Happy Canyon. Remember, one of my online trip reports told you that there was water to be had in Happy, back when you were planning your cross Utah hike in 2009. Let me know if SPRING1 off the Pinnacle is still flowing :). Enjoy your Trek to Moab .. I’m going to watch closely how and where you cross the mighty Colorado!

    • Heya Daniel — glad to see you wrote. I just finished up and was going to write you to tell you about Happy Cyn. The spring you found last time and the other break-out I encountered in 2009 were both DRY this year! The ground was damp and one could probably dig for water, but there was absolutely no water on the surface. I found just a little water up near the fork of French Spring Cyn and some pothole water on the way out from a recent storm. It’s definitely a tougher hike w/o that water near the Pinnacle. Full report coming soon. Hope all is good for you.