COVID-19 Spring Update

Like most people around the world, COVID-19 has shifted my focus and forced me to change my upcoming plans. I was anxious to get out in April to test out some new gear while on a few shorter hikes,. Then in May I was to set out on another big hike across a portion of southern Utah. Unfortunately… that’s not going to happen now. 🙁

Being out in the wilderness would be a great way to “social distance” myself, however the beginning/ending logistics are problematic. Also, I absolutely agree with the #StayLocal movement and want to show my support in not adding any burden to the small communities of southern Utah. I’m not overly optimistic in the timeline for the next few months, but if things get better I still hope to salvage a trip possibly in May and/or June. TBD, but this might finally be the year for me to do that big autumn hike I’ve talked about on several occasions.

In the meantime… I hope to be adding some “new” content from previous years here on the site as well as via my social media outlets: YouTube ChannelInstagram, and Facebook. Please follow along here as well as on those platforms. 👍

I’ll keep you posted on developments regarding future trips. Until then… I wish everyone the best and stay safe!

And of course… wash your hands! 🙂

composite image of hoodoos in Canyonlands (2018)

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  1. Brandon Douglas

    As a lifelong resident of Southern Utah (Cedar City), I can say Fall in Southern Utah is absolutely beautiful! It’s without a doubt my favorite time of year to be out and about. Of course the leaves are great but the weather is usually perfect for outdoor activities. You definitely can’t go wrong with trying a fall time hike. I think you would love it.

  2. Take care of yourself and enjoy some down time. You’ll be good and rested when you can go again ❤️

  3. Great to hear from you Jamal. Glad you’re safe. I was wondering about your spring plans. Don’t worry – you’re going to love autumn hiking! If you’re there in early October maybe we’ll bump into each other. You know where I’ll be!