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I don’t focus too much on gear reviews here on my site. Not because of some moral high-ground or anything like that — just that I prefer to write about my adventures instead. However, when Utah-based company 3V Gear reached out and asked me to check out their newest line of day-packs I said “sure”. They comped me a pack, but otherwise this is NOT a paid review and is 100% my honest opinion. So… don’t go branding me an Influencer quite yet! 🙂

I got the Outlaw II Sling Pack. At first I was semi-hesitant about it as it didn’t LOOK like something for one of my typical adventures. BUT… (spoiler alert)… I was pleasantly surprised and in fact like the bag quite a bit.

NOTE: see me trying out the pack in my Kanarra Falls Hike.

First and foremost as indicated by the name, this is a “sling” pack. That means it only has one shoulder strap instead of the traditional two. This actually frees up one’s arms considerably and feels cooler to wear (both literally and fashion-wise!) The typical downside to this style can be stability at times of high activity (eg running, scrambling, etc.) However, the Outlaw II includes a secondary mini-strap which connects from the opposite side to help keep the bag in place when needed.

I might not choose this bag when heading out for a day-long trek through the canyons of southern Utah, but I could definitely see me using it for shorter adventures. It’s exterior build is rugged and durable. Weighing in at near 2lbs it’s not made for the “ultralight” crowd and thus it seems built to last. This slinger features a mini back pad/support which helps the pack hold its shape — a feature one won’t find in low-end bags. It’s also hydration-ready so it can handle your water bladder for those longer outings.

Though the Outlaw II would work for moderate adventures, in many ways I think this pack might be best suited for “urban” hikes. It’s the perfect size for a small laptop and includes a smart design with several internal compartments/dividers for organization of chargers/pens/markers/etc. External pockets are there to provide easy access to those frequently needed on-the-go items: water bottle, keys, phone, etc. The exterior of the pack also includes various hook/loops so you can let everyone at the coffee shop know how adventurous you really are when you attach misc. items with a “biner”! 🙂  There are also Velcro strips where one can customize the bag; add your own flair or re-arrange (or remove) the included emblems of the company logo and an American flag.

Final Judgement: I like it.  👍

( and apparently so does my cat. ⬇)

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