Video: Through Arches and Behind the Rocks

The video of my abbreviated 2017 trek through Arches National Park and Behind the Rocks. Highlights include Klondike Bluffs, Ring Arch, Courthouse Wash, Moab Rim Trail, Behind the Rocks, the Solstice Snake, Pritchett Canyon, and Hunters Canyon.

see the Full Report for more detail including maps and photo gallery.

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  1. Hey Jamal. I’m 60 and have found that sometimes I need a season of recovery to get healthy. I have had knee issues, back issues and many other problems related to overuse, car accidents, and being a tile installer fro 23 years. I stopped tile installing and let my body rest and now can hike and backpack again, I even play some basketball. Hope you don’t get discouraged.

  2. Ve.y nice, been there several times

  3. I have enjoyed many of your “across Utah” video adventures. Have you had any offers by PBS, Discovery, A&E or other outlets to bring your work to the small screen? You deserve a broader outlet. Thank you for all your efforts, your work is appreciated !!