Video: Kanarra Falls Hike

I finally got a chance (and a permit) to hike Kanarra Falls a few weeks ago. I did the approximately 4-mile hike late in the day to avoid the crowds and the heat. I only saw about 15 other people and was the last one to leave the parking area at 8pm. Pretty awesome!

I made a Photo Gallery and 360-Degree Video for this hike too, but first check out the normal video:

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  1. My girlfriend and I did this hike last week on monday at 5 pm and we had the whole hike to ourselves which was awesome! we’re in Cedar City so it was a close hike, have you checked out Cedar Breaks and Ashdown Gorge? They’re both awesome, Ashdown Gorge is an awesome limestone(?) slot canyon with two epic waterfalls, pretty big undercut at one point too!

  2. Great to see another site in Utah Jamal! Thanks for sharing way over here in Virginia!