Video: Hot Day in the Valley of Fire

On my way back from Utah in late August I made a quick stop in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. I knew it would be warm, but… didn’t expect it to be 112-degrees-crazy-hot! Nonetheless I had a good drive through the park and did a few short hikes including my first-ever trek out to the Fire Wave. The blazing sun and hot temps wrecked havoc on my camera equipment and the landscape’s color, but I think I salvaged enough for this short video serving as a quick tour of the park.

🔥🔥🔥 Enjoy:

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  1. This place looks awesome for a little side trip………I’ve passed it countless times and always wondered if it is worth a visit. Thanks for the vid; I’ll definitely stop next time!!

    • I was there in February 2019 with a big crowd spoiling the beauty of the place. For sure it was hot during your hike but at least you had the Fire Wave all to yourself! Great video.

      • @Jean Yeah — that was one reason I was OK with going on a Wednesday in August as I practically had the place to myself. Though… there was a large film crew there shooting something. They even had the Scenic Drive shut down for a while.

    • @Don — Yeah, if you have a few extra hours it’s a great diversion from I-15. Even just doing the drive through and the White Dome Scenic Drive is nice — but adding a few short hikes makes it even better!