Oops… No Arches to Bryce

Last week I headed out for my latest big hike — Arches National Park to Bryce Canyon National Park over the course of 28 days. I prepped a post here as an announcement, but… it never got published. Now, it seems that that may have been a premonition, as I was NOT able to complete the hike as planned. 🙁

After suffering a sprained knee, I ended up abandoning the original plan after seven days and hiked back to Moab. I still had a good time roaming through Arches and Behind the Rocks, but it just wasn’t the longer trip I’d hoped to complete. Look for a trip report for the abbreviated adventure coming soon and hopefully another big hike before too long.

Devils Golfball

Devils Golfball (aka Turk’s Rock) near where I ended my hike


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  1. Buried in the snow and cold here in Michigan this Christmas, my wife and I have been ‘binge watching’ your great series. After seeing you point to a big mountain many miles away and say something like “yeah I’m going over that tomorrow”, and seemingly watch you do this over the course of days and weeks, I referred to you as “the original hiking fool”, but seriously, your hikes and videos are really nice; we marvel at the awesome places you go, and the long-shots of you, and realize you also had to hoof it back-and -forth to the camera to get those nice scenes.
    Thank You, and please TAKE CARE, and don’t injure the Old Body too much!

  2. So sorry to hear you had to stop your trip because of an injury…but, at least it wasn’t a serious injury! Your route sounds amazing, though. I just got back today from a 5 day/4 night trip down the entire length of Dark Cyn(well, save for the section to Cataract at the Lean To junction…my feet were trashed, and I didn’t plan a rest day) and ending at Hwy 95, and I was keenly aware of how much opportunity for serious injury there is on that trip. I consider myself lucky that it was just blisters and some lost toenails for me ;). Take care of yourself, and will look forward to hearing about your trip whenever it is able to come to fruition.

  3. Sounds an interesting route as always Jamal! Sorry to hear of your injury and hope you will be back in action soon. Brian

  4. I am sorry that you had to abandon your hike. Get back in shape and try it later. Meanwhile, I am waiting for another exelent trip report and video, I guess.

  5. Sorry to hear that Jammer. Good on ya on getting back out. Are you going to publish your route or wait until you actually do it?

    • Thx — yep, it’s a bummer. Not going to publish detail on the original plan, but… in broad stokes it was to be: Arches, Behind the Rocks, Indian Canyon, The Needles, Beef Basin, Dark Canyon, northern Lake Powell and Swett Canyon, Bullfrog Cyn, Halls Creek, Stevens, Coyote, 40-Mile/Willow, Lake Trail, Pasture or Mudholes Cyn, Last Chance, Round Valley Draw, Upper Paria, Bull Valley, Bryce. Or something like that!