Window Wind Arch

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Window Wind Arch is a cool spot along the edge of Fiftymile Mountain just north of where the Middle Trail tops out. The arch is only a medium-sized span, but what makes the spot really unique is the great view of the Straight Cliffs as well as all the cowboy inscriptions under the arch. Some of these “cowboyglphs” date back over 100 years! The arch is only a short diversion off the official Hayduke Route, however not many thru-hikers stop for a visit as the location goes unmentioned in the original guidebook.

Window Wind Arch

The Straight Cliffs from Window Wind Arch



  1. Jamal,

    the oldest cowboy glyph I’ve seen under Window Wind Arch is: “L. Harris, April 14, 1888.” Llewellyn’s signature at the huge pictograph panel at the Lower Sand Slide is even one year older: “L. Harris, May 07, 1887.” Unfortunately I was never able to find his signature somewhere in Harris Wash or Llewellyn Gulch.

    There is a lot of interesting stuff up there on Fiftymile Mountain, historic and prehistoric. Not all has been published so far …

    Best regards