Video: Coyote Gulch 2005

As I continue to lament not doing a spring hike this year due to all the 2020 craziness, I’ve passed the time by digging up some older unpublished content of mine. This such video is from my very first visit to Coyote Gulch in fall of 2005. The video quality is pretty bad, but I’m posting it as a time capsule of sorts to remember how much has changed in 15+ years: my gear, my experience, my presentation style/quality, etc. What hasn’t changed: my love for Utah landscapes and a propensity for bad jokes and semi-dramatized narratives! 🙂

In addition to the Crack-in-the-Wall route into Coyote Gulch, this video features small portions of Stevens Canyon, Zebra Canyon, and even a glimpse of a rainy Zion National Park. Enjoy the flashback in this older video of a younger me!


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  1. That was some pack you had in 2005! Good stuff.

  2. Maureen Agnes Garcia

    I sure do enjoy your hikes Across Utah! It’s like being there.

  3. Thanks Jamal, that was really fun to see, having been in Coyote Gulch several times. Your trip reminded me of just how “green” I was when I began exploring the Utah desert! I never saw those fantastic pictographs, but I never made the mistake(?) of going UP the sand hill! I look forward to your future trip footage!!!
    Michael- Whidbey Is., Wa.