Mappy New Year!

Happy 2014 Everyone!

It’s still TBD what my Utah hiking plans will involve this year, but one of my “at-home” goals for 2014 is to finally give my website an overhaul. This is going to include augmenting/standardizing my early content as well as adding a bunch of new content such as Gear Reviews, Extended Galleries and Maps — a whole bunch of Maps!

I’m currently focused on consolidating all my personal trail logs and notes into one Master Map. I’m exploring some custom-mapping options, but until then I’ve started a temporary version utilizing the new Google Maps. Check out the details here:

Master Map Page

Happy Trails and Cheers to 2014!

– Jamal

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  1. Jamal…whatever you do I know I will enjoy it….was thinking of you the other day and two thoughts came to mind…the Grand Canyon and the Maze….hike on …luck with it all, Allen Bealle