If you are familiar with my site, and you are reading this… you will have noticed that is going through a transition! I’ve done a lot of hiking in and around Utah in the last decade — most notably my 725-mile hike from Nevada to Colorado in 2009. The trip reports, photo galleries and videos for these many adventures had become fairly scattered over the past several years. As I work on refining my Across Utah route, I thought I would consolidate all my content in one place. Thus… the new site. Unfortunately I am still in the process of migrating much of my content, while also getting ready for my next big hike — this time in the Sierras in August. So… I hope you enjoy what is here now and know that more is on its way. Thanks.

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  1. Jamal,
    My name is Bill Brinton and I have known your Mom going back to Moore Grade School and Benton. Really have enjoyed your trips and following your path. Good for you. Keep it up and good luck.

  2. I went to school with both your mom and dad. Your aunt was in my class of 65.
    This documentary was very beautiful! Thank you for sharing. You make hiking look simple and fun but I think I’ll hike through your adventures. From my computer.