Hayduke Reference Update 2021

HaydukeUpdate2Once again I’ve dedicated some time over the winter to update and add content to my Hayduke Reference in hopes of assisting “Haydukers” looking to hike that long-distance route. Most of this work happens “behind the scenes” without getting published as official blog posts, thus I thought I’d make this post to highlight some of the new content before hikers head out this spring. (Actually… I’m probably late as I know several hikers have already set out!) Even if not researching that 800+ mile trek, I think much of the content might be of interest to my more-general audience looking for an extended weekend in a remote location or other backpacking/hiking ideas. So, with that in mind, below is what has been updated/added with the associated links.


Hayduke Interactive Map — the research map got many minor tweaks including some updated alternate tracks, added points-of-interest, and some new links/photos added to several of the clickable placemarks along the route.

Cottonwood Road — new page detailing the possibility of using this scenic backroad as an alternate and some of the highlights along the way.

Stone Donkey to Hogeye Canyon — new page detailing this route as a possible shortcut. This might also be of interest to anyone looking for a good 2 or 3-day backpacking trip in the Upper Paria area. Includes many photos from my 2019 spring hike to the area which I never shared.

Horseshoe Mesa, Grand Canyon — new page focused on the Horseshoe Mesa portion of the Hayduke and a possible alternate around the north side of the mesa.

Thunder River to Deer Creek Falls, Grand Canyon — new page focused on the remote stretch of the Hayduke from Tapeats Creek to Deer Creek Falls. Also features detail on a potential alternate along the river.

Through the Needles — summary article highlighting many of the great options for thru-hiking across the Needles District of Canyonlands.

Zion Alternate Endings — since the 2019 rockfall in Zion indefinitely closed the East Rim Trail, Haydukers have needed an alternate way to get into Zion Canyon and/or end their hike. This new page covers several of the options.

and finally…

Style Updates and Fixed Typos — I’ve changed styles a few times over the years and thus some pages became a bit haphazard. I’ve tried to make everything as consistent as possible, though I know there is still more to do (and sorry mobile users, I still owe you some attention!) I also fixed a bunch of typos. I mean a BUNCH of typos! Seriously — who wrote this stuff?! I can’t belive I wood make so meny misteaks. 😉


My Hayduke Reference can still easily be found via this custom URL:


Thanks for following along and… Happy Hiking! ✌


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