Video: Bryce to Little Death Hollow 2012

Video of my return to southern Utah to explore a new route across a portion of the state. Video captures highlights of the 10-day, 158-mile trek from Bryce Canyon to Little Death Hollow.

You can also view the 9-minute overview video on YouTube or read the written trip report if you want.

(remember to turn on HD via the player if you have a fast connection!)

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  1. Wow. That was impressive. And very cool too. Great video, thanks for posting this.

  2. Yet another stellar video trip report. Better music too.

  3. Yeah! Have watched and enjoyed all your videos! These are such special places and you capture them so well. Can’t wait to see the next installment!

  4. Your videos are the best I’ve ever seen about hiking in Utah. I hike there
    2 or 3 times a year and have seen many wonders and cows.
    You’ll be famous one day.

  5. Awesome epic video. Well done! Too bad abut the cows – the same thing happened up in Headquarters Cyn in Capitol Reef a number of years ago. Apparantly cows can’t walk backwards.

    Your Mr. Shadow cracks me up. I can’t believe how much work must go into one of these trips, especially since you’re hiking some of it 2x to set up the camera, etc. Love the very creative editing. These are truly some of the best vids I’ve ever seen, very entertaining and a bit mind-boggling. You make it look too easy. 🙂

    • Thanks, Chinle (cool desert name.) I was really surprised how far the cows got into LDH — and yeah, no way to turn around for a cow.