VIDEO: Bryce to Bears Ears Preview and Q&A

Here’s the initial video from my Bryce to Bears Ears Hike. It’s a relatively short “preview”, but it’s actually a little longer than I’d planned because there were so many good bits that I wanted to share! My traditional full-length trip-report-style video series will follow soon. I’ll update this page with the roll-out schedule when it’s finalized. 👍

The intro to the video also teases a Q&A which will be a part of a wrap-up video to be included with the series. I plan on discussing several topics that I never seem to address while actually hiking: gear specifics, photography, my planning process, etc. Feel free to ask any questions that you’d like to see included in this Q&A via the YouTube page, here, or via my contact info above.

Thanks! Enjoy:

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  1. Thanks Jamal! The clarity and color of the video look improved over earlier videos, I am so glad that you are doing this video! My question is about GPS. Do you use your phone, or a dedicated GPS? I have been an old school map and compass user up until now. I don’t use my phone when I hike (not yet anyway). But I would like the safety and reassurance of having a GPS in places where there are no defined trails.
    I actually bought a Garmin Oregon, but have not used it yet. I was just wondering what you felt is durable and dependable enough to take into the canyons of Utah. Thanks again for your effort in bringing these experiences to the rest of us.

    • Thanks, Vic! I’m trying out a new edit/color-correction system for this video. It’s been more work, but I like it so far. Because I use different cameras at different times, sometimes it’s hard to get a consistent look (especially in ever-changing lighting conditions.) But I’m hoping the new system will help with that. I’ll probably talk more about this and GPS in my follow-up video, but a quick answer: a few years ago I began using the GAIA App on my phone and I really like it (though it does have issues.) I still take paper maps too, but it’s nice to have a quick and easy reference point and I love that I can easily add all my points-of-interest from my planning phase.

  2. James W Thompson

    Love your youtube videos–can’t wait for your latest one to be published. Quick question: What size in terms of liters is your pack? 105, 95, 85? Curious because I’m hoping to replace my old one that is 85 liters, and it’s just not quite “roomy” enough for any backpack trips I do that are longer than 4 days/3 nights.

    • Thanks! My current pack is 85L. Bigger bag makes it easy to take more stuff – which isn’t always a good thing! I do like trying to keep everything inside the back though with nothing strapped on the outside (too hard in the brush that way.) I’ll probably talk about this topic in the wrap-up video some.

  3. I can’t wait to see your full-feature video on this hike, Jamal!! I’ll be curious to hear exactly where you came up and ended your trip on Bear’s Ears (Woodenshoe is my favorite of all those canyons), especially since I was up there in mid-May (16-20) as part of a SUWA volunteer archeological survey project.

    There was at least one other person in the group that was well-acquainted with your videos, and we were wondering if you might have been finishing up when we were there.

    I’d definitely be interested in hearing your take on what your favorite gear has been, and also how you work the logistics of your trips, especially with the food caches you do.

    Glad your trip went well and you made it back safely :D,


  4. Great to see you out and about again Jamal!! Looking forward to the entire adventure ☺️