Hike Guide: Balanced Rock and Red Slot

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The Balanced Rock and Red Slot are two amazing off-the-beaten-path spots to see in an off-the-beaten-path area. By that I mean that many hikers who visit the remote region (the Upper Paria) actually stick to the river corridor and skip the short diversion required to see theses spots. IMHO anyone hiking the Hayduke Trail or on a similar backpacking trip really should make the extra effort for the quick diversion as it’s such a remote region that one might not get a chance to be so close again.

Balanced Rock and Red Slot can both be accessed from near Lone Rock. This iconic landmark along the Paria River is approximately 14 miles up from the Paria Townsite or 2 miles down from the junction with Sheep Creek (which is about 7 miles down from Skutumpah Road).

Lone Rock — iconic landmark along the Paria

From Lone Rock climb up the gully to the east finding the path of least resistance. The cows do it — so if you find yourself scrambling up anything too steep, seek out an easier way!

Once up on top of the sandy hill, the Balanced Rock formation is just over 1/4 mile to the SSE and Red Slot about 1/2 mile to the NNW (see map). I’m not going to include GPS coordinates for these features, but the placemarks on my reference map are fairly accurate. Some “use” trails are forming in the area as well, so one shouldn’t have too much trouble finding either feature once you are in the correct area. Note that the wash coming out of Red Slot ends at a dryfall at the Paria, so it’s not possible to ascend/descend at that location despite the way it appears on a map.

I don’t think any additional info is really needed, but… how about some photos and a video?



Video Reference (begins at 4:22):


For added information about even more cool things to see in the area, make sure to check out the Upper Paria Hike Guide.


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