Gallery: Bryce to Bears Ears

In case you haven’t seen… my Bryce to Bears Ears Hike videos are continuing to roll out (albeit a little slower than expected.) I’ve been announcing each new episode on my Instagram Account along with some images from each portion of the hike. I realize not everyone follows me there, so I thought I’d make an announcement and share the images here as well. I will add subsequent images and of course the full written trip report (and map) after the video series is complete. 👍

BTW — the updated YouTube Playlist is also helpful to see the full series at a glance.


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  1. Jamal, I am so sorry for the loss of your father, keep his memory alive by continuing your hikes. It was great to get to meet you. I wish I could have talked you into joining Tracy and me for lunch at the BTG and enjoying their awesome french dip. Looking forward to your next adventure, be well!

    • Thanks, Chris. It was very good to meet you and Tracy on my way back to Bryce and definitely appreciate the lift and kind words.

  2. just finished watching your bryce to bears ears hike. i love the scenery and commentary and living vicariously through your journeys. i will look forward to your next adventure

    • Thanks! TBD what 2022 has in store, but… keep watching the YouTube Channel as there is MORE to come for the Bryce to Bears Ears series!