Site Update

SiteUpdateI’m excited to launch the long-awaited update to  In addition to the new aesthetic, the update should provide improved browsing performance even for those viewing on tablets or even (gasp!) phones.

Part of the overhaul includes an updated Master Map. I’ve been able to make some progress to provide more customizable visualization tools for the beta I’ve compiled over the years. I’ve also added a bunch of new placemarks with pop-up photos (and more coming!)

Not only is the new site better looking (IMHO), it also makes my job of updating easier. So, I’m going back to augment older reports with better photos and plan to even add some old trip reports that never got published. I’ve also got plans for a few new features that I hope to roll out in the upcoming months (if not too busy hiking!)

Warning — some of the changes are on-going and have yet to be tested on all platforms. Hopefully you won’t experience any major bumps in the road along the way, but if you do… my apologies.

Feel free to leave any comments below re: what you like and what you don’t. If you hit any snags please let me know and tell me what OS and browser you’re using.

Thanks for following along!

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