Wanna Buy Me a Beer?

Frequent visitors to this site may have noticed that I recently added a “Support” button on some pages. I finally decided to join the “Buy Me a Coffee” network (though I opted for the “beer” metaphor as I’m not a big coffee drinker.) The link provides a virtual “tip jar” for those who wish to show their support and donate to this site. I’ve always declined options for advertising here and I’m not a big fan of sponsorships or paywalls. Though I do make a little via YouTube, it’s well short of the perpetually rising costs associated with this site and channel. I think the “coffee” system is a great alternative to those other monetization options as it’s 100% voluntary and does NOT require any type of sign-up or subscription. In the future I hope to use the platform to provide sneak-previews, newsletters, or other “perks” to supporters — just as my way of saying “Thanks” to those of you who say thanks with a donation. Until then… Cheers! 🙂