Video: YouTube Hits 500K

YouTube_500K_side2Happy to announce that the Across Utah YouTube Channel eclipsed one half million views this week!

I know that’s not really *that* much in the online world where a super-cute cat video can rake in millions per day, but… I’m still proud. Seriously, I bet less than half of those views are from my mom! 🙂

To mark the occasion I created a fun “highlight” video looking back at over 10 years of trips trekking across Utah. Check it out below.

And… if you haven’t already, please subscrible to the channel. This will alert you when I post new videos and it also helps me rank higher in the search rankings. Much appreciated!

Now… Let’s Go!

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  1. Having now watched all your videos at least once, my wife and I would like to thank you for the many enjoyable hours. We know the Utah country shown fairly well and have hiked here and there in it, but at our age are unlikely to ever do so again, so to see it well-portrayed by an agreeable guide who’s been places we’ve never been and now will never go was a real pleasure. And having spent several hundred days hiking and climbing in the High Sierra over several decades, it was most enjoyable to see your all-to-brief video of the John Muir Trail. Please keep up the good work.

    Thanks from both of us.

  2. Thanks for all the good information, Jamal. After many years of 8 – 12 day trips in the area, I’m finally taking a few months to do some big trips on the Colorado Plateau. Sharing your routes and experiences has given me ideas as well as inspiration. A couple routes I’m looking at that might interest you: Trachyte Creek to Bullfrog Marina via the East side of the Little Rockies (one crux, untested) and a hikers’ route from Bullfrog to lower Hall’s Creek (one obscure mention on a canyoneering site). My thought is that one could go Hite to Bullfrog, then to either Boulder or Escalante (or maybe Bluff, actually).

    • That sounds cool. I’ve never explored the east side of the Little Rockies. The Ticaboo Mesa area is supposed to be awesome, but tough to navigate (for point-to-point travel anyway.) I’m looking to go through Swett soon. Bullfrog to lower Halls is definitely possible — either by taking the long way around or via what’s known as the ‘Lizard Route’ — a tough, but non-technical, scramble which serves as a shortcut. Let me know if you end up doing any of these routes. Thanks.

      • I spent some time poking around the East side of Little Rockies as intended. Nice country, and there is definitely a route from Trachyte to Bullfrog. The trick would be getting from Hite to Trachyte. Your route along the lake rim would work (at all lake levels?). I do wonder if one could top out somewhere around Hog Springs, then descend to Trachyte. I haven’t checked but Kelsey seems to indicate one of the Hog Canyons goes (steep) to the top. Either way, I’ve roughed up a map here:

  3. Jamal,
    Don’t let me sway you one way or the other, but if I were you, I would definitely take Scott up on his invite. Best rooms you have ever seen and the food at the Hells Backbone Grill is some of the best, if not the best food, you’ll ever eat. If someone says they are heading to southern Utah, I tell them to hit Boulder MT Lodge, stay a night or two if they have room or just have dinner at the Grill. Its a really nice place, in a beautiful setting, I’ll never pass by again. I will write an e mail to the Utah governors office telling him what I think of them wanting to reduce the size the GSENM. Take Care.

  4. Hi Jamal; You should be proud. I really enjoy your site, and think you are doing a wonderful job. If you would ever like to do some kind of presentation in Boulder UT about your adventures, let me know. I’m one of the owners of the Boulder Mt. Lodge. And please encourage your fans and viewers to speak out about the current campaign to shrink Grand Staircase Escalante Monument by 70%. Thanks. Scott Berry

    • Hello everybody. I am just a French tourist who is in love with your wonderful national parks and monuments, especially those of Utah, which I have the immense pleasure, and luck, to visit every other year. I will spend 10 days hiking around Escalante in a few weeks, and it was a shock to read that there is a plan to shrink the GSENM by 70%.
      I understand where the bones of contention are, but it looks like Utah is willing to shoot itself in the foot with that kind of plan.
      Regards to all.

      • Welcome, Fred. Definitely hope that that the new effort by some politicians does not succeed. That’s why we need to keep expressing how special this land is and that even the areas away from Escalante canyons are more than just “sagebrush and juniper”. (Though personally I find great value in wide-open spaces with sagebrush and juniper!)

    • Thanks, Scott! Yeah… that could be fun. My spring plans are still TBD, but I’ll keep that in mind. One way or another I plan for upcoming trip to focus on GSENM and Bears Ears to make sure to showcase why these areas need to be preserved!