Video: Sequoia Upper Kern Basin

Still waiting for an opportunity to get back to Utah, I opted for a “local” 9-day hike through Sequoia National Park to the Upper Kern Basin and Lake South America and back through the Kern Canyon and Golden Trout Wilderness. I say “local” as I could do this entire hike self-sustained from my front door with only one stop at a gas pump along the way. As my first big hike in over a year the hike was tougher than it should have been (and from over-packing for the non-existent snow/cold). But… I’m still glad I got out there. 😀

The Full Trip Report with gallery and map is also available, but for now here’s the video:

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  1. The bugs seemed like a buzz-kill (sorry). The fireworks were SPECTACULAR! How did you do that? I’m glad you were able to get outside again. Your adventures are always really fun to watch, thank you for sharing. Michael, Whidbey Is. Wa.

    • Thanks! The bugs were bad, but I should just get used to the bug gear I guess. Earlier/Later in the season prob would have been better too. The “fireworks” were done with a timelapse effect over the course of about 4 hours (while I slept!) Thanks for watching.

  2. This vid is great!! I used to live in Utah while attending the University of Utah and LOVE hiking the Colorado Plateau. I live in California now and I’ve always wanted to check out the Sierra Nevada mountains. Now seems like a great time to do that. Thanks for the introduction; I love it!!

  3. I enjoyed your hike very much, glad you were able to put it together and complete. I would hate the mosquitoes and flies too! I love keeping up with you and am somewhat envious that you are able to do this.

  4. Oh, dude! I’m glad you could get a “local” hike in and, man that’s amazing! I did JMT in 2018 (NOBO.. same start as you) and HST last year and boy, does this bring back some fond memories. But more than that, I’m totally impressed you were able to put that loop together and enjoy the Sierra.

    • Heya! I don’t think I knew you did BOTH of those. Despite my aggravations with this hike, I’d really like to get back for more hiking in the Great Western Divide. TBD how everything shakes out from here.