Video: Moody Canyons & The Fold

The video from my 5-day, 65-mile trek through the remote Moody Canyons and then on to explore the Waterpocket Fold. To mimic the “mood” of the trip, this video features quite a bit of walking through dramatic open spaces without any background music. During the solitary experience I resorted to talking to a few animals and made some less-than-glamorous fashion choices! 🙂 — If you haven’t already, check out the full trip report.

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  1. Maybe from your car camp I can get to Camp Awesome in a three day out and back..Concept!

    • Yep — that would work and shouldn’t be too tough (you could park closer than I did in this case.) You could also try it from Halls Creek Overlook. Either way a loop would be fun over Red Slide (assuming that eastern approach to the top goes through.)

  2. Nice video Jammer! I love the animals – especially the baby sheep. Thanks! I am going to camp at Camp Awesome. Now I have to go see if I can make it.