Updated Maps!

One possible silver lining to not taking a spring hike this year was that I got to spend some time updating my site. The latest improvement which has actually been a long time in the making… updated maps! Over the years I’ve changed tech on this site a few times. Along the way the associated maps for some trip reports as well as portions of my Master Map had become somewhat a mixed bag of out-dated info or worse… broken links and photos.  But… no more!*

Now all of the trips listed on my Trip Reports Page all link to the updated map system. The dedicated map for each hike includes the actual route hiked in detail in addition to placemarks for the many points of interest along the way.

But, in addition to the updated individual maps, I’ve also done a major update on my Master Map. This is where I compile the info from all my hikes into one location along with optional layers for additional reference and clickable placemarks for pop-up information. The data has been refreshed and improved where possible with even more photos and embedded links to relevant content on my site.

The map system is fully interactive via Google Maps API standard controls (ie zoom, full screen, and Satellite modes available.) Also, I’ve created a dynamic system for the Points of Interest which now shows more and more detail as one zooms in. Thus the wide view is no longer cluttered with an unmanageable amount of placemark icons. I’ve also added a button to collapse/expand the options panel to maximize the on-screen map space once your options are selected. 👍

I hope the updated Master Map will serve as a great research tool for those considering an extended hike across Utah — or maybe even just a weekend overnighter. For those “Haydukers” out there, note that I’ve also added an overlay mode with the material from my increasingly-popular Hayduke Reference to assist those thru-hikers considering that route or its possible variants.

Thanks and enjoy!


Go to the Master Map Intro Page


* though I’m fairly sure all the broken links/photos have been caught, feel free to send me a msg if you spot anything awry.


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  1. Thanks for all your hard work keeping house. I will explore the site more when I get back home. My daughter and I are in Colorado for 3 weeks and we plan to do quite a bit of hiking while here. Maybe one day I will make it to Utah. My grandson hiked in Utah a little over a week ago.