High Sierras Hike

My 23-day hike through the Sierras is complete! It ended up being my longest hike ever… outside the state of Utah! The final tally was 348 miles and included most of the John Muir Trail plus portions of the PCT and the Sierra High Route plus a few days of off-trail travel. It was a great trip from the desert near Ridgecrest to the high-country of Yosemite. The hike was another one of my “Curb Pavement” hikes which traverse the longest pavement-free stretches in the United States. Past hikes have included two different sections of southern Utah and a scouting trip to the backcountry of the Grand Canyon. This one covered 160 “as the crow flies” miles from start-point to end-point w/o crossing pavement.

Read the The Daily Journal
Watch the Video for the Hike
See the Map of Route


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  1. The videos rock! It’s great to see the full hike posted and it was so much fun to hike with you the last few days. :)…