Introducing My Own Great Gallery

I’ve added a a new feature to the site called My Great Gallery. Not to be confused with the amazing pictograph panel in Canyonlands, the one here is a collection of my personal favorite locations, photos, and moments from my many Utah adventures.

With each visit to the page a random 100 images are presented. Hover over any photo for a caption or click to enter the full-screen “carousel” mode. Most images also include a link marked with (⮞⮞⮞) which jumps to relevant content on my site so that one can learn more about a specific location or photo.

Access the gallery via clicking any of the samples below or at any time by using the new Gallery Menu Button on the site’s top-row navigation.

Enjoy! 🙂




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  1. Jamal,
    I’m planning a ten day trip out to Grand staircase/escalante in October and I’ve been basically binge watching all of your videos in preparation. I really enjoy them and your photo gallery is really impressive. One thing I haven’t seen is any pics of mountain lions. I was wondering with as much time as you’ve spent out in the back country, have you ever spotted any? Look forward to hearing from you and keep up the great work!

    • Nope — I have yet to see a mountain lion despite all my time in the backcountry. On my early hikes I actually carried pepper spray in my front pocket just in case. But… I’ve since realized that that was really not necessary. Mountain lions are out there (I’ve seen their tracks), but they almost certainly hear me coming long before I’m nearby and they opt to stay hidden. Thanks for the comment/question.